• Biotechsis Patient Turning Aid

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  • Description

    The Biotechsis Patient Turning Aids are shaped pieces of specialized material with a loop of adjustable strap attached on each side. These can be connected to standard spreader bar hooks on a static, ceiling track or mobile patient hoist.

    They are designed to make it easier for the carer to turn patients/clients “inbed” for personal care and repositioning.

    They can also be used to aid the insertion and removal of other products under the patient/client.

    They are made out of a technically advanced soft, thin, lightweight yet strong material, interwoven with a pure Silver yarn providing an anti-microbial self sanitising barrier.

    They are also:

    -­ Thermo-­dynamic.

    -­ Anti-­odour.

    - ­Anti-­static.

    -­ Non linting.

    - ­Fluid resistant (hydrostatic head).

    The Biotechsis Patient Turning Aids are available in two colour schemes:

    -­ Light Peach/Sky Blue.

    - ­Sky Blue/Light Peach.

    Available in the following sizes:

    Standard size

    Large size

    Product Codes:

    PES-­BPT-­1 - Standard size.

    PES-­BPT-­2 - Large size.

    Cleaning Instructions:

    Can be machine washed and short tumble dry up to 
    70 Degrees C.

    Can be wiped clean with medi-wipes or hot soapy water 
    and towel dried.

  • Biotechsis Patient Turning Aid
  • Biotechsis Patient Turning Aid
  • Biotechsis Patient Turning Aid
  • Biotechsis Patient Turning Aid

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