• Adantium®Plus - Disinfectant & Detergent for use with Hygienio

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    Adantium®Plus is a modern, concentrated synthetic preparation for simultaneous high level cleansing and disinfection aimed at completely decontaminating Biomedical Devices in hospitals, according to current safety laws.

    • Powerful disinfectant, cleansing and deodorising devised for the disinfection/cleansing of medical devices and surgical instruments.
    • Effective RNA degradation through a synthetic salt having an inhibitory role on nucleases which, in a biological environment, has an important role in curbing/inactivating viral replication. (see clinical validation of Prof. Pistello )
    • Disinfection time: 5 minutes at a 2,5% concentration; 10 minutes at a 0,5% concentration for all micro-organisms;
    • Exclusive action with a total spectrum of activity (bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses) and exceptionally rapid disinfection: bacteria in 5 minutes; spores and fungi in 10 minutes; viruses within 1 minute;
    • No residue after rinsing;
    • Effective in the presence of organic substances as well. The use of hard water does not diminish its effectiveness;
    • Does not contain peroxide: therefore ideal for the disinfection and sterilisation of more delicate and expensive devices, in that it is not corrosive for materials and is compatible with thermolabile instruments;
    • The concentrated product is stable/valid for 36 months in its unopened and correctly stored pack;
    • Activation not necessary in that it is a single component and its pH is neutral.
    • Single dose vials 25ml (1hour of disinfecting) Pack of 12

    Technical data sheet and test results on Adantium are available on request.

    For more information contact our sales team on +35318903932 or sales@elitehealthcare.ie

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