• Seating Matters Cushion

  • €160.00

  • Description

    The Seating Matters cushion that comes with every chair supplied is made up of two types of foam.  The cushion is removable meaning that you do not have to replace the whole chair when all that may be needed is a replacement cushion. 

    • Pressure reducing foam
    • 2 distinct layers
    • Upper layer - Vasco 60 visco-elastic foam spreads pressure more evenly over the body (memory foam)
    • Lower layer - Reflex multizone; conforms to the changing shape and provides support and flexiblity to the vasco 60 layer preventing bottoming out.
    • Dartex 4 way stretch cover

     * We require the serial number for your chair when ordering a replacement

  • Seating Matters Cushion
  • Seating Matters Cushion

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