• Tamora III Advance Mattress

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  • Description

    The Tamora III Advance dynamic 24 cell mattress replacement system provides highly effective care and protection for patients considered to be up to a very high risk of pressure ulcer development and is a cost-effective solution for any healthcare environment.

     A flexible range of features allow the Tamora III Advance to provide individualised patient care. The system offers both Dynamic, Static and Constant Low Pressure therapy modes allowing nursing staff to adjust the therapy and comfort offered to patients. 

    Click iconTruComfort™ is a 1 in 3 alternating system, where the deflated cell fully re-inflates before the next cell deflates. This eliminates the movement some patients experience with the traditional alternating cells. This mattress may be suitable for users who experience motion sickness with the standard alternating method.

    The system offers both alternating and constant low pressure therapy modes, while the auto-detection feature automatically checks for changes in patient weight/position.

    The mattress also features a dedicated head zone section which allows for stable and comfortable head support.


  • Tamora III Advance Mattress
  • Tamora III Advance Mattress

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