• Amber Hi/Low Shower Stretcher

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    The Amber Hi/Low shower stretcher makes care routines safe and efficient. The wall mounted variable height shower stretcher comes complete with fold-down side rail and angle adjustable backrest as standard. Its conveniently situated hand control adjusts the bench to a safe working height for caregivers. The bench has generous drainage holes and comes with easy clean comfort mattress.
    ◗ Length 1900mm
    ◗ Safe working load: 150kg

    Bathroom Requirements
    ◗ 230V power supply
    ◗ Universal socket (min. IP55) installation height max.7.5cm
    ◗ Min. discharge Ø 40 mm, must be available in proximity to shower stretcher
    ◗ No obstacles on wall
    ◗ Height adjustable wall unit can be used universally
    ◗ Large range: 60 cm
    ◗ Lowest reclining position approx. 40-50cm above the floor
    ◗ Fast lift speed
    ◗ Anti-Finger entrapment
    ◗ Modern design
    ◗ Low noise emission
    ◗ Easy to clean surfaces
    ◗ No sharp edges or protruding parts
    ◗ Stretcher can be easily lowered into vertical position
    This item requires installation

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