• Arcania Clinox 3A Total

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    The ARCANIA Clinox 3A Total is a top loader bedpan washer/disinfector that doubles up as a sluice with flush. It has a unique sporicide cycle to eradicate even the most resistant spores including Clostridium Difficile

    Main features
    • Dual unit. No need for additional sluice/slop hopper unit, saving space and cost 
    • Foot pedal operation -  Hands free and no waving 
    • free standing on 4 adjustable feet for stability and allows cleaning of the floor underneath. 
    • Automatic opening/closing of the lid and turning of bed pan with closed door. no splashing.
    •  3 cycles, simple to use  Standard, intensive & Sporicide.
    • High performance wash, has 12 stainless steel jets, 4 are rotating  
    • Thermal disinfection by steam at 90 degrees (A0 60) 
    • only requires 1 bar of pressure to fill water tank. utensils washed at 4 bar pressure. 
    • Information panel to front indicating phase of cycle, temperature etc 
    • Range of utensil fittings available for bedpans, urine bottles, raised toilet seats etc  
    • Large chamber, Can even accommodate toilet seat risers & large commode buckets 
    • Integrated  locked detergent holder. 2 in 1 solution Detergent & Descaler, or 3 in 1 
    • solution detergent, descaler & sporicide 
    • Manufactured 100% stainless steel AISI 304 quality 
    • Quality of washing and thermal disinfection approved by an independent laboratory
    • Meets the requirements of European Directive 93/42/CE and is certified EN ISO 15883-1, EN ISO 15883-3, EN ISO 15883-5, EN ISO 13485 and EN 13697.


      This product requires installation.

      Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

      Confirmation of delivery date will be confirmed on receipt of order.

      For more information please contact us.

       approved product and on current tender.

    • Arcania Clinox 3A Total
    • Arcania Clinox 3A Total
    • Arcania Clinox 3A Total
    • Arcania Clinox 3A Total
    • Arcania Clinox 3A Total
    • Arcania Clinox 3A Total

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