• Phil-e-Slide Biotechsis Inbed System

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    The Biotechsis Basic Systems consist of:

    • One Biotechsis Bed Mattress Cover and two Biotechsis Bed Sheets.

    These products have the largest interfacing surface area and provide the basis for the Biotechsis “inbed” Care Management System.

    They are made out of a technically advanced soft, thin, lightweight yet strong material, interwoven with a pure Silver yarn providing an anti-microbial self sanitising barrier.

    They are also:

    - ­Thermo-­dynamic.

    -­ Anti-­odour.

    -­ Anti-­static.

    -­ Non linting.

    -­ Fluid resistant (hydrostatic head).

    Cleaning Instructions:

    Can be machine washed and short tumble dry up to 
    70 Degrees C.

    Can be wiped clean with medi-wipes or hot soapy water 
    and towel dried.


    Fitting Instructions 

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  • Phil-e-Slide Biotechsis Inbed System
  • Phil-e-Slide Biotechsis Inbed System

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