• ITub Swing Bath

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    The ITub Parker Style Swing Bath is an ergonomic and hygienic bathing solution for healthcare environments such as hospitals and nursing homes. Featuring a unique and innovative ITub design, caregivers can provide a safe, comfortable and secure bathing experience while benefiting from improved time-efficiency and reduced strain.

    The intelligent iTub thermostat control ensures safety at the highest level - in addition to many comfort features, the tub monitors both the temperature of the main tub spout, the water flowing in through the hand shower and that of the water in the tub to ensure the safety of the patient in the tub at all times to keep an eye on.

    Equipment as standard:

    • iTub thermostat control
    • HV - Electronic height adjustment
    • AutoFill - Automatic filling stop
    • DesiSafe
    • WaterStop - Overflow/Leak Protection
    • LockSafe – keyboard lock
    • Stepless electrical tilting of the tub body
    • Patented thermostat setting for tool-free thermal disinfection (Legionella flushing)

    Equipment optional:

    • AirSpa - air bubble bath
    • Light - light system equipment
    • Sound - sound system equipment

    Technical Info:

    Length seated position 2040mm

    Length seated position 1960mm

    Lifting range 930 to 1030 mm

    Width outside 800mm

    Width inside 740mm

    Water pressure 2-6 bars

  • ITub Swing Bath
  • ITub Swing Bath
  • ITub Swing Bath

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