• Poweo 215 Hoist

  • €4,035.00

  • Description


    The Poweo® 215 is dedicated to all kind of transfer needs in an Acute or healthcare environment.
    It comes equipped with a 4-point overhead suspension allowing transfer without any effort for the caregiver.

    The Poweo® 215 can be used with various accessories such as a scale, a stretcher or a large range of slings adapted to all kind of morphologies and pathologies.

    • 4-points overhead suspension
    • SLS hook – Safe Locking System
    • Removable high capacity battery
    • Electrical opening of the base
    • Lift patient from floor
    • Mechanical and electrical emergency lowering
    • Lightweight aluminium structure

    For more information see attached Brochure or contact us by phone 01 8903932 or email 

  • Poweo 215 Hoist
  • Poweo 215 Hoist
  • Poweo 215 Hoist

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