Case Study - Atlanta

A 45 year old man living in his own private home with Huntington's Disease, assisted with all transfers, continual vigorous, involuntary movement/chorea.

Main problems. 
Involuntary movement led to repeated injury on the leg rests, arms and wheels of his old chair and a restraining belt was always used because of his risk of falls. Due to this he spent most of his time in bed.

Top 3 Goals. 
• To allow the person to sit up for longer periods in the day to interact with his family 
• To ensure his safety in the chair by reducing the risk of falling or climbing from the chair
• Reduce the use of his restraining belt

After an assessment and trial, this man now uses a Seating Matters Atlanta with a variable leg rest. As this has a fully padded surface with pressure reducing materials, his risk of injury is greatly minimized. He is therefore able to sit out and speak with his family through the day with a much lower risk of injury. He no longer uses a restraining belt as the deep position of the Atlanta seat base helps him maintain a low center of gravity and his risk of climbing from the chair is greatly reduced.