• Changing Places Legislation 2024

    What is the Changing Places legislation and when  does it come into effect in Ireland?

    The new Changing Places legislation is set to come into effect on January 1, 2024 in Ireland. 

    Why is the Changing Places legislation important?

    Changing Places are specialised facilities designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities who require additional support and equipment when using public restrooms. These facilities are equipped with features such as height-adjustable changing benches, overhead hoists, and adequate space for caregivers.

    Previously, the lack of Changing Places facilities made it challenging for families with disabled members to enjoy outings and participate in community activities. The new legislation aims to address this issue by mandating the provision of Changing Places in public spaces, ensuring that families have the necessary facilities to meet their loved ones' needs.

    How will the Changing Places legislation benefit families?

    The implementation of the Changing Places legislation will have a significant positive impact on families with disabled members. It will enable them to go out and enjoy various public spaces without the worry and stress of inadequate restroom facilities.

    With a Changing Places available, families will have the freedom to explore parks, shopping centres, museums, and other public venues, knowing that they have access to suitable facilities to meet their loved ones' needs. This inclusivity will promote a sense of belonging and enable families to fully participate in community life.

    What are the key features of a Changing Places facility?

    A Changing Places facility goes beyond the standard accessible restroom. It includes essential features such as:

    • A height-adjustable changing bench to accommodate individuals of different 
      sizes and needs.
    • An overhead hoist system to assist with transferring individuals from wheelchairs to the changing bench.
    • A high low wash hand basin
    • Ample space to manoeuver wheelchairs and accommodate caregivers.
    • Appropriate signage and accessibility aids to ensure ease of use.

    Who will benefit from the Changing Places legislation?

    The Changing Places legislation will benefit not only individuals with disabilities but also their families and caregivers. It will provide a safe and dignified environment for personal care, ensuring that individuals with severe disabilities can participate in public life without limitations.

    Furthermore, the legislation will contribute to a more inclusive society, where everyone has equal opportunities to engage in community activities and enjoy public spaces.

    Download the Building Regulations Changing Places Technical Document

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