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  • Product Feature | Hygienio B1.N1 Mobile Disinfection Unit

    Hygienio is the innovative and unique system that allows applying disinfectant on any surface, efficiently, quickly and without wetting. The disinfectant (Adantium) is added to the distilled water and then applied to the surface by means of a diffuser with vapour which means that it can get into difficult places. This leaves a microbicide film which is long lasting, homogeneous and provides a bacteriostatic effect over time. The product can then be used immediately with no down time. Adantium is nontoxic and can be used in close proximity to the patient. Hygienio distributes disinfectant (Adantium) through a hot two phase gas liquid...

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  • Product Feature | ARCANIA CLINOX 3A TOTAL

    Elite Healthcare have teamed up with ARCANIA and now supply, install and service the state of the art CLINOX 3A Bed Pan Washer throughout Ireland.  The ARCANIA CLINOX 3A Total is a top loader bedpan washer/disinfector that doubles up as a sluice with flush. It has a unique sporicide cycle to eradicate even the most resistant spores including Clostridium Difficile. The top loading offers a large capacity for washing and the multi-purpose accessories allow the largest possibility of washing and disinfecting all types of utensils. Improvements are continuously made to improve the working conditions of the users and to bring the best results respecting the environment. The CLINOX 3A bedpan washers have reduced their energy consumption by...

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