• Product Feature | ARCANIA CLINOX 3A TOTAL

    Elite Healthcare have teamed up with ARCANIA and now supply, install and service the state of the art CLINOX 3A Bed Pan Washer throughout Ireland. 
    The ARCANIA CLINOX 3A Total is a top loader bedpan washer/disinfector that doubles up as a sluice with flush. It has a unique sporicide cycle to eradicate even the most resistant spores including Clostridium Difficile.
    The top loading offers a large capacity for washing and the multi-purpose accessories allow the largest possibility of washing and disinfecting all types of utensils.
    Improvements are continuously made to improve the working conditions of the users and to bring the best results respecting the environment. The CLINOX 3A bedpan washers have reduced their energy consumption by 30% and have improved their performances at the same time.

    Why Choose Arcania Clinox 3A Total?

    • There is no need for an additional sluice/slop hopper unit, saving space and cost. 
    • Free standing on 4 adjustable feet for stability and allows cleaning of the floor underneath. 
    • Foot pedals allow hands free operation to reduce the chance of contamination
    • Automatic opening/closing of the lid and turning of bed pan with closed door. No splashing.
    • 3 cycles that are simple to use;  Standard ,Intensive & Sporicide.
    • Information panel to front indicating phase of cycle, temperature etc. 
    • Range of utensil fittings are available for bedpans, urine bottles, raised toilet seats etc.  
    • Large chamber can accommodate toilet seat risers & large commode buckets 
    • Integrated locked detergent holder. 2 in 1 solution; Detergent & De-scaler, or 3 in 1 solution; Detergent, Descaler & Sporicide 

    Where to use the Arcania Clinox 3A Total?

    • Acute Hospitals
    • Hospices
    • Suitable throughout Care Homes and Nursing Homes

    Technical Information:

    • High performance wash, has 12 stainless steel jets, 4 are rotating  
    • Thermal disinfection by steam at 90 degrees (A0 60) 
    • Only requires 1 bar of pressure to fill water tank. Utensils washed at 4 bar pressure. 
    • Manufactured 100% stainless steel AISI 304 quality 
    • Quality of washing and thermal disinfection approved by an independent laboratory
    •  Meets the requirements of European Directive 93/42/CE and is certified EN ISO 15883-1, EN ISO 15883-3, EN ISO 15883-5, EN ISO 13485 and EN 13697.

    If you would like more information please call Deirdre McMenamin on +353 (1) 8903932 or email


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    • Chamath Palliyaguru says...

      What is the power consumption of this equipment?

      On February 14, 2023

    • Gerard Meehan says...

      Looking to replace our bedpan washer, can you send quote, kind regards gerard

      On September 21, 2021

    • Eleanor Clancy says...

      Can you provide price for bedpan
      washer_ nursing home setting

      On November 24, 2020

    • Eleanor Clancy says...

      Can you provide price for bedpan
      washer_ nursing home setting

      On November 24, 2020

    • Maureen Healy says...

      Could you let me know the cost of the Arcania bedpan washer and what is the availability?

      On October 31, 2020

    • mary burke says...


      we are looking for a bedpan washer for the nursing home
      can you send us a price please

      On July 08, 2020

    • jan ali says...

      can you please let me know the cost of the Product Feature | ARCANIA CLINOX 3A TOTAL and the wall mounted rack and how soon can I obtain it.

      On April 10, 2020

    • cliona gaughran says...

      Hi ,

      I was looking to have a small bedpan washer installed in our nursing home .


      On March 04, 2019

    • Malu Treacy says...

      Interested in purchasing a bed pan washer for our Nursing Home. Can you please let us know your products and prices at your earliest convenience please.
      Thank you.

      On January 29, 2019

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