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    The WheelAble is a unique commode and shower chair which will enable any person to be independent in using regular non- wheelchair accessible wash rooms. Lightweight and compact, the WheelAble is made of strong moulded plastic and is designed so it does not absorb water and can be cleaned without the need for special products. All product components, including bearings and upholstery are also water resistant.

    The WheelAble has a safe working load of 100kg and has an overall weight of 12kg making it easy to manoeuvre and ideal for travel.

    The WheelAble folds into one single unit and fits any luggage compartment. It can be folded using only one hand, even by the user while sitting in the wheelchair. It can be folded away in six simple steps. See video below.

    The WheelAble gives people with disabilities the freedom to travel to new places without worry, and makes their time in the shower and restroom easier and more convenient.

    Thanks to its side wheels, the WheelAble can be moved by the seating person, and offers amazing manoeuvrability. The location of the wheels is unique and makes it possible for the chair to ride backwards in toward a regular toilet without the need for spacious areas from the walls as appear in accessible bathrooms and toilet stalls.

    For You

    A lot of effort and long hours have been put into the design. It was created to make life much easier. The WheelAble is adjusted to fit standard toilet seats (47cm high, 37cm Wide) and also can be used as a bedpan. The push up folding arm rests alongside an upholstered waterproof seat make for comfortable seating for a lengthy time period.

      WheelAble Travel Aid, Shower and Commode Chair


    WheelAble Carry Case

    The WheelAble carry case has a corduroy exterior, a sturdy interior and an inner lining of waterproof, mould-preventing fabric. It is on wheels and is marked with the universal wheelchair symbol for transportation. It has lifting straps and an opening at the top to lift the product when loading and a zipper along three sides which enables the user to easily open the case unassisted.


    WheelAble Commode Pan

    A special bedpan converts the WheelAble into a mobile toilet. The bedpan consists of two parts reducing its size when packed. It is easy to clean, with a fast and simple connection to the chair’s chassis.


    For more information on the WheelAble, please contact our dedicated sales team on +35318903932 or email



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    • Caroline Towey says...

      How much does this chair cost and where can it be bought from?.

      On October 30, 2021

    • Michael martin says...

      I am looking for a price on a travel commode.
      It needs to have wheelchair wheels. Also does it come with carry case. I have a spine injury and will be permanently in a wheelchair.

      Michael Martin

      On June 11, 2020

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