• Product Feature | Hygienio B1.N1 Mobile Disinfection Unit

    Hygienio is the innovative and unique system that allows applying disinfectant on any surface, efficiently, quickly and without wetting.

    The disinfectant (Adantium) is added to the distilled water and then applied to the surface by means of a diffuser with vapour which means that it can get into difficult places. This leaves a microbicide film which is long lasting, homogeneous and provides a bacteriostatic effect over time. The product can then be used immediately with no down time. Adantium is nontoxic and can be used in close proximity to the patient.

    Hygienio distributes disinfectant (Adantium) through a hot two phase gas liquid mixture which covers any type of surface with a disinfectant microfilm.

    Hygienio is quick and easy to use. One 25ml bottle of Adantium in 2000mls of distilled water will cover 1000 sqm, approximately. 1 hours work. Laboratory tests have proven a dramatic reduction of microbiological organisms by more than 99.9%

    Community Environments

    In community environments such as nursing homes, individuals are highly sensitive to the danger of contracting diseases and infections as they are housed for long periods of time. The potential risk can be reduced by treating the surfaces of the environment with an effective disinfection treatment. Equipment, furniture, beds and mattresses which are used by guests can all be disinfected.

    With Hygienio you can disinfect and eliminate bad odours from common areas, patient rooms, including mattresses, toilets and furniture of any shape and material very quickly and efficiently.

    Hospital Environments

    It is well known that Hospital environments are more at risk from outbreak of disease and infection. However, this can be reduced by subjecting environmental surfaces and equipment, with which patients and professionals are in contact, with strict disinfection procedures. 

    Hygienio is an innovative system that can reduce the potential risk of infection due to pathogenic microorganisms in an environment where patients can be highly sensitive to the danger of contracting diseases and infections.

    Hygienio is a tool that enables smooth and efficient disinfection in all hospital areas, especially high risk areas such as operating theatres where you can achieve proper disinfection of the entire environment including walls, ceilings and equipment of  any shape and material without getting wetting in a very short space of time (18/20 square metres/ min).

    It is an ideal tool for all intensive care units and emergency departments where intervention times need to be fast to ensure disinfection between patients. With Hygienio you can disinfect an area of high risk in 1 minute. 3 minutes is sufficient time to thoroughly disinfect an ambulance so that it is ready for re-use.

    Hygienio is also very useful for the disinfection of environments such as hospital rooms (beds, mattresses, furniture, walls, etc.), corridors, elevators, bathrooms and all environments where we need to protect the health of patients, visitors and medical staff.


    • Any Surface:  Due to the temperature of application, the Hygienio can penetrate all types of surfaces without wetting. This includes furnishings and equipment of any shape and material, even in case of roughness and irregularities; ensuring a uniform and homogeneous disinfection.
    • 360° Disinfection: Hygienio is the only system that allows you to easily sanitize any environment including walls and ceilings. The application of disinfectant through steam allows the disinfection of the most secluded and difficult areas.
    • Efficient:Disinfection becomes a quick and easy activity covering an average of 18/20sqm per minute and 1000 sqm per hour. It is possible to re-use the rooms and the equipment immediately which reduces down time.
    • Long lasting effects: The application of the disinfectant through a diffuser prevents direct contact with the surface eliminating the risk of carrying bacteria. The microbicide film that is created is continuous, long-lasting and homogeneous and provides a bacteriostatic effect over time.
    • Economical:Thanks to its automatic mixing system Hygienio eliminates unnecessary waste of disinfectant and avoids the excessive or unnecessary application on treated surfaces. This system can reduce the amount of disinfectant used which leads to a reduction in costs.

    Technical data sheet and test results on Adantium are available on request.

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