• The Importance of Servicing Equipment

    The need for continuous care is increasing year on year due to Ireland's ageing population. This has seen the Nursing Home sector put under immense scrutiny with regards to the standard of equipment and care offered to clients. Moving, handling and bathing equipment are essential in a day to day care package in order to provide a safe environment for both the client and the carer.

    The service and repair of this equipment has never been more significant, especially since the increase in Nursing Home inspections by HIQA.

    The effects of neglecting such an essential maintenance program could be detrimental to a Nursing Home, should a patient or carer become injured as a result of using ill-serviced equipment.

    However, the safety of staff and clients is not the only benefit to complying with maintenance regulations. Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Care Facilities will also benefit from increased equipment efficiency and reduced costs via less reactive service call outs.

    Elite Healthcare offer extensive service and repair packages, with nationwide coverage, complying with all moving, handling and bathing regulations.

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