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    Exercise and Rehabilitation plays a big part in the Elite Healthcare portfolio of solutions.

    The Floky range of wearables brings new innovation for people involved in physical exercise as a prevention or an aid to recovery or injury.

    Biomechanics is the science that studies human movement to optimise it, 

    making physical exercise not only more pleasant, but also healthy and free from the risk of injury. With Floky we exploit the principles of biomechanics to improve and protect your performance.

    FLOKY is a new concept of thinking, designing and developing. Not a simple product, but the idea of a one-of-a-kind accessory, designed for sports and for those who play sports. FLOKY is passion, experience, innovation and a lot of study, which give shape to unique products, which exploit the principles of applied biomechanics to bring unthinkable benefits.

    FLOKY is a revolutionary idea in a unique product, capable of improving athletic performance and at the same time prevent body wear and tear and injuries during physical activity thanks to innovative screen printing applications.

    FLOKY was born from the union between...

    Floky's intuition comes from 30 years of experience in the technological development of technical and trendy products in the hosiery sector which sees the partners among the inventors of the first non-slip sock in 1988. Behind the creation of each Floky product there is the study of the human motor machine combined with the use of eco-sustainable materials processed with a cutting-edge technology that is unique worldwide.

    The expertise in Italian hosiery, the scientific knowledge of physical activity, together with technological printing and the evolution of materials, have led Floky to conceive and develop functional products designed on the principles of Biomechanics with the conviction of being able to supply the market of sport comfortable accessories able to preserve the body from stress and wear.

    The driving force of each FLOKY product is the great passion for innovation and the desire to always create new solutions. Thanks to the internal design and creation of all the machinery used, FLOKY technological applications are able to bring added value to the market and to people.

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