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    We were delighted to support the All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association (AIGNA) at the Red Cow Hotel on 28th May. 

    We brought the Reval Ruby mobile in bed shower system and are very happy with the response and positive feedback we received from the AIGNA members.

    Following on from the day and the feedback we have full information on the Ruby Shower System below.

    To book a trial of the Ruby Mobile Shower System in your facility, get in touch by phoning 018903932 or email us.

    The Ruby mobile in bed shower system has been designed to shower patients who cannot access the bathroom independently or with assistance.

    Whether incapacitated due to a critical condition, long term illness, or obesity, the Ruby provides unique and uncompromising hygiene levels within the safety and comfort of the patients’ own bed.

    The bed can be profiled if the client cannot lie flat and if there are any pressure care issues they remain on their own mattress during the process maintaining their required level of support.

    A lightweight and waterproof sheet is positioned underneath the patient, which then fastens to the bed’s side rails, head, and foot boards. The waterproof sheet accommodates the patient, whilst ensuring full water containment from the shower hose, and can be laundered at 70ºc for re-use.

    Alternatively, a low cost replacement sheet can be used as a patient specific item, or simply disposed of. There is an integrated water vacuum which transfers waste water from the sheet into a dedicated waste water tank on the appliance, which can be drained after use.

    The Ruby is compact and highly manoeuvrable and is supplied with a purpose designed, double-width drying towel and waterproof shower sheet. All components are fully integrated into the appliance making it safe and user friendly. The Ruby incorporates anti-scald protection by thermostatically controlled water, which can be pre-set and heated to suit the patient’s specific needs. The control panel has a simple interface, whilst the shower hose has a trigger, making the water pressure easy to control and comfortable for the patient or care worker. The Ruby holds up to 23 Litres, which is sufficient to shower a patient.

    All surfaces of the Ruby are smooth, making it easy to clean and disinfect, using its built-in hand operated disinfection applicator, located discretely at the front of the appliance. Reval produces its own disinfection cleaning chemical for use when cleaning the Ruby. All hoses are easy to remove and can be thermally sterilised and replaced in minimal time.

    Download Brochure

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