• Product Feature | Biotech In Bed System

    This simple product provides the optimum level of due diligence currently available and significantly contributes to a safer and cost effective approach to three major problem areas present in health care provision today, manual handling, hospital acquired infections and tissue viability.

    What is the Biotechsis system?
    • A multifunctional system consisting of 2 bed sheets and 1 bed mattress cover
    • Replaces existing bed sheets
    • Acts as a slide sheet/repositioning aid/transfer aid
    • Is an effective barrier against hospital acquired infection
    • Aids tissue viability
    Where to use the Biotechsis system?
    • Suitable throughout care homes and nursing homes
    • Hospices
    • Community care
    • Acute hospitals
    Why the Biotechsis system?
    • Reduces back injury in carers. This is an easy and effective slide sheet system promoting best practice.  There is reduced need for other handling equipment and minimum disruption to the patient.
    • Significantly reduced the risk of hospital acquired infections. The permanent See it Safe fibres kills 99.9% of bacteria within one hour of contact, including MRSA
    • Helps prevent tissue breakdown. The sheets are ultra-low friction and excoriation. When used on a profiling bed the sheets can also prevent skin stiction.
    • Comfort for the patient. The sheets are made of soft lightweight, thermodynamic, anti static, anti linting material ensuring patient comfort.
    • Cost effective. Reduces the need for other handling equipment, reduces the incidence and associated costs of hospital acquired infections/pressure sores and is re-usable and self sanitising.  In addition it is cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable sheets/slide sheets. 

    To purchase this equipment or to request more information please click on the links below

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    • Dee O'Brien says...

      Hi Lynn,

      Apologies for the delay in responding to your inquiry.

      Regarding the Biotech sheet, it should always be tucked away in order to get full benefit from the use of the in bed system.

      If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Many thanks


      On June 21, 2017

    • lynn allison says...

      Can you tuck in the top sheet of a biotech slide sheet when using an air mattress or should this sheet be left hanging?

      Please advise.

      On June 19, 2017

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