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    If you follow us on social media, you may have noticed that during HRH Prince Charles’ visit to Ireland, he stopped by Our Lady's Hospice Harold’s Cross. We have been working hard over the last year installing Luna Overhead Hoist Systems, Arcania Bed Pan Washers and Cocoon Bathing Systems in the Hospice and we were delighted to see that Prince Charles got a glimpse of these, in particular the Cocoon.

    For this month’s blog post, we have decided to focus on the Cocoon Bathing System and will highlight some of it’s amazing features.

    HRH Prince of Wales at Bathing System in Hospice

    The Cocoon bath, with Ergo and Keyhole Tub designs, will transform your bathing experience. 

    The Ergo model has been developed so that a patient can be positioned in the bath "Cocooned" by the tub's fully supportive contours which provide excellent posture management and a safe comfortable bathing experience.

    Ergo Model Cocoon

    The Keyhole model is ergonomically shaped, allowing a patient to immerse deeper into the bath, providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience.


    Keyhole Cocoon Model

    The design provides more working space for care workers, making bath tasks more user friendly and comfortable for care workers.

    Both tub designs can be equipped with AromaHydroColour and AudioSpa.  These options can be integrated individually or in combination to suit your budget or the specific patient outcomes you wish to achieve. 

    Cocoon Bathing System

    Spa Options

    Combining hydro-massage with sensory experiences, our latest innovation, the Reval Spa range is designed to benefit those with disabilities and mental and behavioural disorders, as well as those who are visually, hearing and speech impaired. The ultimate in bathing technology, cleanliness and safety our HydroSpa, ColourSpa, AromaSpa and AudioSpa systems take relaxation to a whole new level.



    HydroSpa Option CocoonOur HydroSpa option combines the therapeutic effects of bathing with a relaxing underwater muscle massage. Our bubbling baths come complete with air heaters, which maintain constant temperatures and keep patients warm, while diffusers located along the door of the bath massage the patient and can be controlled for preference.




    AromaSpa CocoonThe AromaSpa option uses the beneficial effects of essential oils for an aromatic bathing experience. Creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, or stimulation and invigoration, the whirlpool’s air streams infuse different essential oils, which have beneficial psychological effects and keep interior spaces freshly scented and hygienic.



    ColourSpa OptionWhen used as therapy, coloured lights are known to have positive psychological and physiological effects and can help maintain and restore health. Our ColourSpa option has large integrated lights, which illuminate and colour the water, producing warm light and a soothing or stimulating ambience to mentally and emotionally engage the patient.








    AudioSpa OptionOur latest innovation is our AudioSpa, which combines our state of the art hydro with the unique benefits of music. From high-low tones and vibrations, to wide ranging frequencies, sound has been proven to be highly beneficial as a treatment. Using music as a stimulus can result in deeper sleep, better balance and improved vitality. 



















    For more information on the Cocoon Bathing System please see our Online Brochure and Technical Specifications or contact a member of our dedicated sales team on +35318903932 or email


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