• CoronaVirus / COVID-19 - Action Plan

    Actions that Elite Healthcare are taking regarding CoronaVirus / COVID-19 ?

    Elite Healthcare has established a task team in anticipation and preparation for CoronaVirus / COVID 19. 

    We recognise that we provide a vital and important service to our customers, enabling people with mobility issues to live a better quality of life.  Essential equipment is vital for the health and safety of clients and care staff.

    Elite Healthcare 

    • Update their teams daily in line with HSE and WHO policy.
    • Has undergone refresher training in infection control with extra emphasis on hand washing technique.
    • Has issued FAQ's to staff on the virus.
    • Has placed information signs for all staff and visitors. 
    • Has provided extra protective clothing and cleaning supplies to all their field staff.
    • Is liaising with all our customers regarding maintaining our essential services.
    • Contingency plans are being put in place throughout the organisation.

    We have facilitated working from home for our admin team with minimal cover in the office with staff kept apart.

    Our field base teams are being kept away from the office where possible and separate from each other to minimise contact.

    We have increased our stock levels to help with supply of equipment to enable efficient discharge of patients from hospitals.

    We have a limited quantity of PPE equipment available to ur customers, contact us for an updated stock and price list.

    Our team are on standby to assist in any way we can.


    Linda Watters

    Managing Director | 087 2120287

    Updated 5 April 2020


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