• The Sydney GoFlat by Seating Matters

    The NEW Sydney GoFlat™ seat for Seating Matters has been designed to enable  safe and efficient transfer of critical care patients from lying in bed to a fully seated, clinically optimised position offering care professionals new options in early patient mobilisation.

    The Sydney GoFlat can form part of the initial process of getting patients out of bed, helping in both the physical and emotional rehabilitation of critical care patients.

    Long periods of immobility can lead to poor functional and clinical outcomes. Sydney allows patients to get out of bed and into extended seated periods while ensuring clinical value and reducing pressure injuries.

    1. Fully GoFlat seat
    2. Lateral transfer of patient from bed to seat
    3. Integrates neatly with ICU bed
    4. Tilt in space
    5. Remote control
    6. Seat height adjustability
    7. Independent arm adjustment
    8. Castellated mattress
    9. Up to 200kg / 440lbs

    Download Brochure

    Contact us for a demonstration by calling 01 8903932 or by email

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